Monday, 15 December 2008

Quantum of Spinach

I finally hit up the new Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, last week and it was so terrible I'm not even going to review it properly. Apart from expressing my despair at the complete lack of story line, complete lack of sense and the absence of Q.

But I do have somethings that need to be said:

1. There was not enough Daniel Craig nudity. He got his shirt off once? And there was no Sex Scene. Sorry to sound Horny/Shallow but What a load of shit. Casino Royale had him running around the ocean in little trunks, getting down with a Bevy of Naked Hot women and bottles of Champagne.

2. He did not seal the deal with the Bond Girl, and she looks like this.

3. He sealed the deal with a boring English Redhed called Strawberry Fields. AND you didn't even get to see any of it.

4. There was no story, which would have been fine if he sealed the Bond Girl deal and had fancy Gadgets, but he didn't and there was only one Aston Martin in the whole flick. The rest of the time he was in a Range Rover or a Ford! WHAT THE FUCK, What retarded Bond drives a Ford?

Don't even bother, if you are a girl that needs some Daniel Craig time stick with Casino Royale or Layer Cake (Layer Cake also has the added bonus of a very hot Sienna Miller in some amazing Lingerie). If you like Bond flicks rent an old one and if you just going to a Movie because you are looking for something to do, take me to Lunch instead, somewhere French.g


Anonymous said...

Soph- My gaydar quivers at the sight of Mr Craig- I'm sorry to spoil another of your crushes..
He has one of those token girlfriends like Clooney often totes to parties...suspicious!
He had absolutely no chemistry with the bird in Casino Royal whatsoever.. yawn.. porrige.. sorry babaes.. meow!

Community College said...

gaydar quivers, hahahah. How hot is that ukraine girl, she can't act but hot damn she's gorgeous. Yeh i thought the movie was shit too, so forgettable! and that english girl he roots was fuckin lame, she had bad skin and freckles, i'm hotter*

*exception of body...or height....or like everything haha said...

Well to answer the car issue:

Ford OWNS:

1.) Aston Martin
2.) Range Rover

Daniel craig must be gay. OLGA is reDICKulous!