Tuesday, 30 December 2008

On the Hair Tip

I take my hat off to Rikki's commit, that is a serious commit that is not to be taken lightly. I had a Fringe cut a few years ago thinking that I would look like some cute grown up Sophisticated little Amelie but I ended up looking like a Hoodrat.

Then I thought maybe it would be better if I did something like this,

Which I would still love to do but its taken me a year and a half to rid myself of my disaster fringe so I am holding onto the length and hoping for the best.

After my last visit to Fur my lovely hairdresser Pheobe suggested I start doing something with the colour, and as my hair is naturally a Brassy Blonde it doesn't take long after colours for the Black to take on a real Reddish tinge in the light. So lately I have only been doing my roots Black to avoid the Centrelink regrowth look and leaving the locks to do what they will. Then I saw the clip to Womanizer and now I want Red Black Hair! Which I was going to do until the Sophie D 30th December Credit Crisis hit. I couldn't find any Screen Grabs of Brit's Red do so you will have to watch the clip.

But even if I don't get the big bucks to sort out my Black Straight Mop before NY I look forward to the other Mayorette Hair Revolutions to come.


Hayley said...

Holy shit! Do black red! Do ITTTT

Anonymous said...

Fuck black hair- I'm doomed forever.. I can't get rid of that shit..aaaaaagh! goddammit!!

Hayley said...

I can't get a damn appointment! Friday morning it is, if there's any cash left.

Community College said...

i love that you got inspiration from brit. she truly is a style icon.

Miglet said...

I dunno what you're talking about, your fringe looked good, Soph. I never understood why you grew it out.