Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Bird is the Word

So I am employed now, selling the most amazing Shoes and Handbags on Collins Street and isolated from my Mobile and the Internet for most of the day. Apart from missing browsing Net-A-Porter and sharing random nothings with you lovely people I am loving being incommunicado.

I am not loving the fact that Hayley and Alex are going out on Saturday Night and I have to work at 11am Sunday. Sad Panda.

BUT I want to share this, as a lot of people who have come in contact with me in the last week have had to put up with my rendition, often a very pissed rendition. I would recommend watching it Drunk or Stoned if you are that way inclined, I did and it was the funniest thing anyone can watch drunk as shit at 2am.

If you are a nerd download the whole episode because it is makes more sense and is much funnier but this is pretty damn funny anyway. Laugh it up people!

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