Thursday, 11 December 2008


I feel and look like this right now. When oh when will I realise mid-week boozing is a bad idea. Sneaker Freaker launch was all good (see post below) but heading to that weird bar after for these magical 6 dollar long island ice teas, really fucked with my shit. They were like the real deal too. *shakes head* What kinda crazy place serves shit like that for 6 bucks.
I then went home in a blur and watched mad tv til like 2 in the morning and smoked weed. STOOPID!

If I was a student who didn't have to do shit on Thursdays I'd totally hit it up. Well I did anyway. This week has been so unproductive for me, I am finding self motivation really hard this late in the year. I can almost smell the frangipanis and song of the cane toads of Brisbane beckoning meeeee. 2 more weeks. I can do it.

Tonite I promised a mate i'd see a movie with her so I have to haul my ass to the city even though the fuckin trains are all wack. I just need a red bull. I'll be good next week.

over and outtttttttttttt


Hayley said...

"I wash myself with a rag on a stick

Mr Bananas said...

Someone told me about this $6 cocktail place, but i was sceptical...where is it? might have to get a few cheap ones in tonight...