Monday, 8 December 2008

Polo darling!

Happy Monday y'all! Can it be xmas already or what, blehhhhh.
Anyway, trust you all had a rad weekend. I had a bit of a bender and felt like shitttt. No alcohol til next weekend I reckon. Thursday was Kid Cudi, Friday was the Heist BBQ and Saturday was 12 hours of solid drinking at the polo. Which by the way was rad!. When perks like this come up in the job it brings joy to my soul. Got there midday and the weather was awesome and sunny as. All the little tents were lined up against the field. Our tent wasn't very big but like I could complain. We were in the peroni marquee and I got free Peroni and french champagne and food all day long. It was like a magical utopia!

Paul lookin all baller, haha

Me pretending to be posh.

Fat booty horse. It was pretty cool watching the polo, easy to follow and horses are more interesting than people.

Go lads!

Spot the little dog! That dog was missing it's front leg but didn't seem bothered by it. It was freakin lovin life that day, haha.

Champagne and pasta salad, yum!

Fashion at the polo I have to say is much better than at the races. Though i've only been to the brisbane races and that shit is real gully!

I'm looking rough, time to switch to beer.

Then we left coz it was raining and sat under a tree and found some swans.

This one had a baby! Cute. Paul tried to pat one and it hissed so hard at him, haha so funny.

Bye guysss!

Then we found some massive mushrooms

mmm tasty

And then what happened? That's right was sposed to meet up with a bunch of peeps but only managed to find my sister and drank more and then got a lift home, yay! Oh and i had a bottle of sangria in there also. Errrgh hence my need for detox.

All in all though, fun ass day. Bring on more boozy free days please. that was great.

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