Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Christmas Cheer

Not from Santa. Not from Reindeer. Not from Elves.

From Net-A-Porter!

As a general rule I am not the biggest fan of Christmas as for my dysfunctional Family it involves visiting about 4 different Family Events in the space of 24 Hours. Not really getting to sit down and enjoy any of them as it is on to the next one, which is generally conveniently positioned an hour or so away. Fuckers.

This year I am cooking Duck Confit on Christmas Eve and drinking Vueve Cliquot with my Mum. That is going to be my real Christmas as I can get shitted on Good Champagne and spend Christmas Day eating my way out of a Hangover.

And now that I am in Retail I have to work the Boxing Day Sales, which is OK because it means I get first pick and I will be on Collins Street at 9am (Hello Chanel and Miss Louise!)

But the point of this story is that Net-A-Porter are offering FREE SHIPPING until December 19, which is dope as it is DHL and arrives in two days of ordering, saving you 30 Quid. Get Shopping!

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