Friday, 5 December 2008

MY new love

Kid Cudi last night, ooh what a night. I didn't end up home til 4 something. Most of it was a blur (but not the part where I was having a quiet ciggie out the front with only paul and the door guys and 2 white suvs rock up with cudi, kanye, nas and entourage all get out and walk past me! I can't believe they had to walk up all those stairs, the lift was broke) but what I do remember is that Cudi was gorgeous and AWESOME. This dude is the next big thing fo sho. Loved it. Love all his songs like a trillion times more than Kanye's new album. There were fuck all ppl there but he still really did his best working the crowd and stuff, plus he was hot. Yay. Good nite all round, might be goin to Kanye tonight provided a free tik comes through, would be good but I'm pretty freakin tired. Plus tomorrow I'm off toooo.......the Polo! Haha yezzir! For some reason I was invited to the Peroni tent for Saturday arvo with free drinks and food and of course the horsies. I'm totally looking forward to it, it's so bizarre. Plus I get to dress up and you know, get drunk for free.
I wish I could get my Gossip Girl on and dress like this for it:

Ralph Lauren baby, it's Polo all day. And PJ can wear this...

Haha how hot is this blazer. I kinda really like this kinda preppy look actually. Why didn't the private school boys i was forced to hang with wear shit like this. Then again I wasn't wearing little gossip girl chanel coats and shit myself...more like Dotti everything so I can't complain I guess.
I'll probably end up looking like this though,

I can't help but associate the polo with ladette to lady haha. That's more my style.

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