Wednesday, 3 December 2008

W is for Welcome. R is for Rikki.

Toot toot! There's a new Mayorette on board. Introducing the most lovely Rikki we have ever met...

Tell us about yourself:

Well my name is Hendrika Leigh Elizabeth Stekhoven-Smith, but you can call me Rikki. I'm an illustrator and graphic designer/Vagina (depending on who you're talking to). I love expensive shoes, Red MAC lipstick, Op-shops that smell of moth balls, Iced Vo-Vos and cheap jewelery.

What have you been doing lately?

I've just got back to Oz after 2 ridiculous years in London town.. fast times indeed.

Do you have any secret skills?

Does still not being able to drive at 26 count?

Favourite drink? We're talking booze here.

I usually drink vodka and soda with a bit of REAL lime, none of that gross fake cordial shit... but thats mainly because I'm a vain twat who doesn't want my arse to get any bigger. I did find out in London that I like pints a fair bit.

Can't leave home without:

A huge bag of crap... I try and cull down my bag contents but somehow there's always a zillion things that I NEED to have on me, at all times.

Signature lose your shit track/s:

Well a few Birthdays ago I held a "SEX" themed fancy dress party... I dressed up like a huge pink vagina but that's another story (meanwhile that is the second mention of vagina, oops and now it's the third), anyway I got pretty fucked up, pretty quickly and ended up passing out and it was a song that finally got me out of my funk, that song was "Crazy In Love" Thanks Beyonce you're the best.

Shout outs to:

Anyone aging disgracfully.

Any last words?

Can I have some "first words" first please?

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Community College said...

TOOT TOOT! that's the welcome wagon welcoming you rik! Get ready for a million email notifications a day about ppl commenting on posts you didn't even write! I actually love that now, let's me procrastinate even more. yay, shake ur bon bon.