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Living in the past: Mayorettes do 2008

Farewell 2008! There's just a little bit of time left for us to squeeze in our two cents about the year. A quick Q & A with the Mayorettes.

Favourite bits during 08:

Sophie D: Supper Inn dinners at 3am, all of them. It’s the best way to end a night with friends that are too drunk to navigate the stairs and you get to piss off the Chinese Mafia without getting knifed, good food and good times. In second place would be Getting Fired, I didn’t realise how draining having a job that you’re not into was until I was out of it. And going out like that was pretty funny, it made me realise the world and the wankers in it are not for taking seriously.

Rikki: Well Eurodisney was a total high... I felt like I was 4 years old again for a day... it was just so much fun, I got to wear Minnie ears for a day without judgment and step inside the Disney castle... I mean I had watched Saturday Disney religiously for years as a child and the sight of that castle almost made me pee my pants a little.

Hayley: Time in Vancouver at the start of the year, it was fantastic and that city is always calling me back. Getting a good food an alcohol education while I was there was a plus. Snowboarding with friends in some amazing snow. Sophie D introducing me to Pelligrini's. Chester. Megafun nights out through the year and all fun, new people I've met. Sneaker Freakette. Hayley Mei x Matt Roach collab. Favela Rock's. Mayorettes. Oh, and I can't forget Agwa.

CC: Um...woah, 08 has been a big ol' year for me, given I moved interstate,
started a new job and made an entire new group of friends, it's
really hard. I honestly can't narrow it down. There's been SO many
good times. So many parties and launches and new people around every
corner. I wish I had something funny for this answer but really the
whole year has been one big rad experience. Happy y'all could be a
part of it. NEXT....

Fave buy:

Sophie D: As this is singular I am assuming you only want me to tell you about ONE buy, which with my accumulation of clothing and accessories is a little difficult as we are talking a whole twelve months here. But for my pick it has to be my LV Speedy 30 or my Marc Jacobs Irina, both bags have copped a beating on the floors of Section 8 and they are still the most beautiful, practical bags on the planet. Closely followed by all the drinks I have bought at Section 8, I haven’t had a bad day or night there yet and its been worth every penny to spend drunken times with the people (mostly Mayorettes) that I love! Woo sentimental!

Rikki: Hmmmm that is tough, I need to break this down into sections... fave shoe buy would probably be this awesome pair of Eley Kishimoto wedges that are unimaginably fantastic, clothes wise it would have to be a vintage pink angora Gucci jacket that I bought of this crazy nut case woman at a New York flea market for $50, I also bought this awesome 70's spanish dancer print that I love and will have forever... man really this list could go on forever.

Hayley: I can't choose just one either so here's my list: Blazer Hi metallic grey, MOB x Dunk Hi, Addict trench coat, NBFG Doin' it well tee, iPhone.

CC: Ooh, can't really remember buying too much shit this year (yay to
getting free shit from working at a mag). Let me think...the awesome
giant print me and the old man bought from the Changes exhibition is
up there, my gorgeous new Hello Kitty kubrik, my icecream dress even
though I never wear it. Shit man...what the fuck have I bought??? Man
I suck at these q's! ahem NEXT...

Best track:

Sophie D: All this picking one ‘best’ thing is so final and scary. Santogold’s whole LP really did it for me so I am going to go with Lights Out or Creator. But I am sure I will remember other stuff that came out in January and be like fuck! I can’t believe I forgot that. Stookie is also very much up there but only if Spooney and Hayley are doing the Stookie dance by themselves at a very uncrowded Miss Libertines, if anyone else does it they suck.

Rikki: I think Ladyhawkes "Paris is Burning" really stuck with me for an age... its just so dam catchy and I loved screaming it in Noodles face when we were in Paris in September.

Hayley: Wiley - Wearing My Rolex (for crazy dancefloor times), Santogold - Creator, I know it snuck out in '07 but '08 was the official. Ooh, and I'm digging NERD - Spaz right now.

CC: Okaysss, now I should be able to get some shit out, while I have been
generally disappointed with all music post Cassie - Me and U (music
just has never been that good for the last 2 years, where's my new
party jam, WHERE???) there's gotta be something I've enjoyed. I'm
sick to death of MIA but noone can hate on Paper Planes, that song is
bossssssss. Other than that I've loved loved loved pretty much
anything by Kids in the Hall, Kid Cudi and locally Spit Syndicate. And
hate to say it but my rnb skank side lovessss TI's "You can have
whatever you likkkkkkkkkkke" ooh and Rhyme Fest! Did Blue Collar come
out 08 or 07, regardless, "Brand New" and "More" are the biznuss.

Best Gig:

Sophie D: Roc Raida at Section 8, namely because Boogie Blind named me Credit Card girl and I was so drunk that ALEX of all people thought I was drunk. And I was just generally having the drunkest most fun day ever AND I ended up at Supper Inn at stupid O’Clock, pouring Soy Sauce on the table until I realised I had no money and had to go wake my parents up at 3.30am on a Sunday evening to pay for my cab ride home, after dropping a whole fixed gear on my leg and incurring the biggest bruise I have ever had in my life.

Rikki: Well it would have to be between Bjork and Madonna.... Madonna was just mad.. we were 6 people from the front and well it was fucking MADONNA.. I loved watching that bitch sweat it out. Bjork was a different kind of concert but once again we were right at the front (on the barrier actually) and when she stood in front of me and belted out "all is full of love" actually staring me in the eye, my heart kinda broke... it was just so fricking magic.

Hayley: Definitely Bjork at the Opera House. I'm super stoked that our side of the audience chose to stay seated, I'm lazy and would rather numb bum than sore legs from standing. Foreign Beggars at Laundry, Roc Raida at Section 8.

CC: Ooh, did I even go to gigs, shit man! I gotta agree with Soph, Roc
Raida was pretty fuckin fun and loose man. Aside from the part where
the section hate see-you-next-tuesdays made me wait out the front for
like 40 min for NO FUCKIN REASON while they let in all their friends
right in front of my face, DON'T YOU FUCKERS KNOW WHO I AM???
obviously not. Still pretty cold blooded when everyone can just watch
you like a loser through the fence. Not cool. Um....what was the
question again....oh yeah gig...while the turn out was shite, I REALLY
enjoyed Kid Cudi a month ago. Dude is the future baby. It was enough
for me to forgive his participation in that god awful shitbrick of a
new album of Kanye's.

2008's biggest fail:

Sophie D: Leggings tucked into Gladiator Flats closely followed by these incredibly fucking horrendous little slipper things you buy at Kmart. Ultimate Fail.

Rikki: Not making it to Scandinavia before returning to Oz... Damn it.

Hayley: Grunge rearing its unwashed head.Pneumonia. MySpace.

CC: 1- the new album of Kanyes
2 - Section 8 making me wait like a fool that time. (Hey we give you
enough love on this thing, I think you can handle some hate)
3 - 80% of this shit I attempted to cook this year
4 - Those cons with fake gaffa tape on them

2009 is gonna be:

Sophie D: The happiest silliest craziest year of my life to date. Lookout Europe.

Rikki: Full of big changes... New job, new home, new goals... Its exciting but also fricking scary.

Hayley: Hard work, fun and so much better.

CC: Hopefully even better than 2008! 08 set a pretty high benchmark but I
reckon we can do it. Go team Mayorette!!!! I said brrrrrr it's cold in
here, I think there's some Mayorettes in the atmosphereeee.

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