Wednesday, 17 December 2008

F is for Fuck yeah and FIORUCCI!

I was looking at this discount perfume site the other day, coz that's the kind of shit i do with my spare time, and happened upon....this.

Now I don't know what this shit smells fact i'm guessing it smells like a 14 dolla handjob whore as it costs $8.99 (less than the handjob no less!) but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy it. Why I hear you ask? Coz Fiorucci represents everything that is is good, awesome and beautiful about being a teenage girl in the 90s/2000. Fuck man I had like a million of those tees and you got the awesome angel tin with it. I have one of those angel tees somewhere, i hope to god I didn't throw it out, I'm gonna hunt for it when I'm back home but I bet I did turf it when i moved, damnit! Anyway it got me thinking about the awesomeness of Fiorucci. Not convinced?....

Awesome!!! There's all these mad 1978 posters on ebay from their NYC store back in the day that Warhol used to hang at and they had a Keith Haring mural in there. So kitsch and so awesome. What really made me totally fall for the brand when I was 13 though, other than the pink, the pin up girls and the angels, was when i was lucky enough to go to the Flagship store in Milan and it was fuckin amazinnnnggg!!! It was like a massive 3 story girls bedroom with cute shit everywhere. There was this mechanical lion out the front and posters collaged all over the walls and fairy lights and fortune tellers and a whole level of homewares and ahhh I loved it. It was 97 so it was that really fun era for fashion, all spice girls and colour and platforms and fake fur. Anyway it was awesome. So yeah, this post kinda has no point, other than Fiorucci was awesome and I miss it. Apparently they've relaunched it but it looks gay. Man I wish i had fiorucci in my hands, I reckon the worlds ripe for all that 90s imagery again. But theyre new stuff looks cheap and shit and eurotrash. I'm still gonna get that perfume but....can't smell THAT shit.


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Ghostface Kallum said...

Isn't Fiorucci that brand that didn't make jeans past size 10? I think they justified it on the basis that their jeans looked best in those sizes. It's the kind brand rich people would wear if the nazi's one the war.