Saturday, 6 December 2008

She's every woman!

Shout outs to my gal pal Anna who is officially Yen's "Young woman in Fashion" 2008. What a title and what a girl. Anna is one half of the extremely excellent "Romance was Born" and having watch her and my dear friend Luke literally work their arses off and sweat blood for this label, its great to see Anna get some much deserved kudos.

Check out how hot Anna looked at the award ceremony... and how fricking good is her dress!? I once read an article that labeled her a "...model-esque designer" hahahaha, no ones ever said that about me dammit!

Amongst a million other things, the guys recently did all the dresses for a friends wedding... It was so much fun and we were obviously the hottest bridal party of 2008. Romance was totally born!

So congrats Anna! You were always my favourite young woman in Fashion but now its official!

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