Monday, 22 December 2008

I don't know why i love you but i doooooo

Can someone please buy me the Kim Kardashian calander for Xmas? I don't know why, but I love Kim. Been watching alot of Keeping up with the Kardashians of late as I got the whole first series from work and I'm all alone at home now my sis and paulini have deserted me (where's my dinner!) I know she gets pissed on in videos and is not that bright and kinda puts on that horrible paris baby voice at times but god darn it, i like her. I like that she's freakin 5'2 and got massive boobs and booty, I like her clothes, I love her hair and I like that there is someone actually out there who is short and not miranda freakin kerr anorexic that is still considered hella hot. As someone that's short and dark haired and kinda "what the fuck is she exactly?" looking, teamed with the fact I have no tits and look about 14, it seriously can get you down living in a country which definition of hot is the tall, skinny, blond, blue eyed, bronzed aussie. I'd take Kim's looks over that Zoo weekly shit any day. She just got bangs too, which look rad!
I'm gonna try and do my hair like this...once I can get a hold of pips ghd again, which reminds me paul, can you please go about stealthing that one your mum never uses out of her house while you're there. I'll seriously buy it off her if she wants...for like....$100?

Check out this other hot pic from the calendar, I love it! I want my hair to look like this too! I love massive 60s hair. Really cute styling. How do you do that??? I need a weave or something.
One last this too!

damn she pretty.


I Miss Cigarettes... said...

awwwww dont worry me a fan too!!!
i just did a post up on trife bout her haha... id so become lesbian for her... got damn

kim fanclub signee

Community College said...

haha i just checked out your post then, haha, you talk bout the calendar too, you must of thought i was a copy cat. we're just in sync in our kim love.

Timbo said...

Hmmm, I think only the GUM (Great Unwashed Masses, TM Heresy 2008) of Oz dig the bimbo/Zoo looks you describe. I do like me some lean tanned blonde surf girls (being a surfer), but damn the sultry booty/b00bies maybe with some ink is Shredtastic. Then again dark haired petite lean girls rule too. ARGH, ALL GIRLS DO. GIRLS ARE RAD.


Sanchez said...

Here's a review of the calender I came across:

"Kim Kardashian has a new calendar coming out for 2009, proving once again that being peed on can really pay off in spades for a girl. The calendar is chock full of Kim making “sexy poses” (re: finger in mouth and I-smell-a-fart-face) and lots of quaint seasonal folklore for each month of the year, like “Golden showers bring May flowers” and “March cums in like a lion and all over my face and then videotapes it to show all his friends.” It’s semi-pornographic and practical! That’s what we in the business like to call “a win-win.”

More trash for your eyes here:

Community College said...

why are you reading a celeb gossip site sanch! that's shit i do, that GIRLS do. haha, but if you want more good shit check out or both funny as shit.