Monday, 1 December 2008

I'll just have a Juice

It's official, Soph is off the Sauce until further notice (Saturday) citing reasons such as;

Can't Get a Job Drunk
Can't Be Bothered Looking for Jobs when Hungover
Can't Get Drunk with No Money
Need a Job to Make Money
Need to Keep the Money away from Section 8

So after hitting the Jugs at Blue Bar Thursday night, hanging with the Spoon and Co Friday (Tequila Shots at 4pm Anyone?), I was not feeling all that well, but luckily Strorbz refuses to get hangovers so him and Lisa (the two most Awesomest Gangsterps ever) were keen to keep me Company on Saturday afternoon.

So it started again with Pad Thai and a Bloody Mary, lounging in the Sunshine at Section 8. My feet got cold when the sun went down so Strorbz hooked me up with these fashionable items from Big W.

Then Mr Farley made an appearance.

Smart and Pretty, Strorbz is a lucky man.

Dirty Dirty Mo, Thank God it is December

Joined by the Lovely Garnes and Sal.

Group Shot One.

Group Shot Two.

By this stage it was pretty late, I had been at Section 8 more than I had been at home all weekend and any smart unemployed person trying to save some coin would have probably gone home.

I however grabbed a bottle of Red and went to Supper Inn for Suckling Pig, after trying to get a 12am table at Nobu, Vue de Monde, Movida and Cookie. Thankfully no one would oblige and my Credit Card avoided a beating.

After ingesting far too much Pork Belly fat at Supper Inn and inhaling a bottle of wine we went to Manchuria for an Avenue. Then as we were trying to get a cab home on Swanston we stumbled onto Obliveus playing at Lounge downstairs, suddenly it was daylight, I was drinking Hennessey and dancing very spiritedly to Highway to Hell.

Waking up on Sunday was not very fun, however some evil people managed to catch me when I was still drunk and convince me that a Beer Garden on Sydney Road, Brunswick was a great idea. By the time I got to the City I was well hungover but I soldiered on, caught some live Jazz at the Brunswick Green and was invited to a proper Italian BBQ. Where I was lucky enough to be cooked for by an Italian Chef that had just finished working at Ezard, one of Melbourne's premier Restaurants. It was easily the the most amazing BBQ I have ever had, Rack of Lamb grilled on a BBQ to die for. Plus I learnt how to play Jenga so the late night was well worth it.

But the bender must end here. This week is all about Body Combat, Lentil Soup, Multivitamins and Green Tea.


Anonymous said...

If I had a dollar...

Don't worry, you'll be refused entry at everything we're involved in until you can show us a payslip.

Will said...
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Anonymous said...

Farley looks like a the love child of Freddie Mercury and that bloke from the Presets