Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Set the date free!

It's party time, excellenttttt!
Keep Friday the 19th free bitches (and man-bitches) coz Acclaim be having our XXXmas/Issue 15 party. Yes it seems like just weeks ago 14 came out but we snuck in another one there before xmas so you all have something to read over the holidays. This is a bumper ass issue too. By all accounts it's our best yet, I wouldn't know coz I can't stand to look at the fucking thing given I've been staring and proofin and organising each and every FUCKIN page for 12 weeks. Yes I need a holiday.
But yeah the party.
6.30pm Fri 19th at Heist.
There will be SHITLOADS of booze so get your ass down there. We ran out of booze quickly last time coz there was so many peeps there so this time I somehow secured TEN MORE slabs. I should be an event manager or some shit man. AND we got heaps of Alize, for da ladeez. I love Alize, I might steal a bottle.
So yeah come! Get drunk! I'll be going back home the following Wednesday so we can have one last hurrah on the house.

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