Wednesday, 3 December 2008

OMG! why have i never googled this shit before...

I hate to bump ol' rik down the blog so quick but I had to share this, so somehow I ended up on this site for dog clothes. Now I've seen some dogs in little coats and shit and yeah it's kinda shit and tacky (unless it's actually really cold) but thissite is some whole other level shit.
Check it out bitches, oooh nelly. It's so wrong but I strangely can't look away. It's kinda like porn but way way better and I don't get a visceral response and later get intimacy issues from this shit!

AHOY THERE! this cheeky nautical number will turn heads and tails in the off leash area. What a fetching hat and culottes! I would totally buy this for my dog and just make him wear it once for a photo and then never make them wear it again.

*Shudder* wrong, so wrong. This one has a lolita vibe that irks me so hard.

HHHHHHHHAAHAHA Onto costumes. I know marriage sucks but shit bitch can you at least pretend you're happy for the photo.

And lastly, this one's for Chester! Where was this fuckin outfit on Halloween! Dog wigs are so good. Joker never looked so good.

Ahhhh goodnight, I'm gonna sleep well after seeing this shit.

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Hayley said...

Ahahaha! It's got a wig!