Monday, 15 December 2008

Monday Funday

I have eaten so well today, not so well if you are looking at it from a Cardiologists Perspective but really well if you like/are obsessed with FOOD! Starting off with a Death Benedict from Yellow Bird, which for those not Savy is like Eggs Benedict with Hash Browns instead of Muffins and Crispy Bacon instead of Ham. Artery and Stomach Clogging.

Then I came home to a massive Christmas Market Shop, so I've been grazing on Calabrese Salami, Proscuitto (my favourite food possibly in the world), French Brie, Pesto and fresh Strawberries.

I don't even eat Mangoes but this calls for numerous Daquiri's.

Then I also found some random flicks from the weekend that I thought I would share. Lace doing her best Cross Eyed interpretive pose.

Sanch channeling his inner King of the Phillipines.

Birthday Boy getting his hate face on.

Me looking Retard without even trying, Sean trying just a little.

Twas a fun weekend, an awesome Sunday and a lazy Monday. Tuesday Workday, I'll let you know how employment feels upon re-entry.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

goodbye diet- hello Eggs benedict from heaven... praise the lord- that's the dopest brekky- I should have come up with that.

Jess- cat xoxox