Thursday, 4 December 2008

What now..?

So hi there, my names Rikki and this here is my very first post, I am going to take this opportunity to give you some of my background and of course get some self indulgent whinging in.

So if you read my thoroughly thought provoking intro interview by Hayles (thanks chicka) you would of noticed that I have recently returned to the sunny shores of Oz after a 2 year stint in London, you know that whole working holiday, right of passage thing. It was amazing, I loved living in London, I loved working at an amazing studio, I loved earning the pound (see Sophs post below.. heeelllllooo the shopping!) I loved being able to say on Fridays "Au revoir, I’m off to Paris, see you Monday." I loved Pints.

Don't get me wrong the last month at home has been great, I've been to weddings, been IN weddings, seen darling friends and darling family and I've even made it to Melbourne for good times with some of the other Mayorettes. But that’s all winding down now and reality is starting to kick in... I need to get a new job, a new home and a new life.

The worst part is, is that Centre-stink won't even help me on my way, after 2 weeks of calls and forms and meetings and various other bits of beaurcratic bullshit... they've sat me down and told me, sorry no you're not allowed, no free money for you... I won't lie I got a bit teary in that stark 7 Eleven esque office, as I looked around me and watched every junkie arsehole under the sun hand in their forms with toothless smiles.... and all because I told them I have a boyfriend. (or defacto as they so lovingly named him) Apparently if he has money, then so do you... Fuck I wish someone had told me that a long time ago, I'd have even more shoes than I do now.

So not unlike Soph the search for a job is on and god knows Christmas is such a good time to be looking.. yeah right, not.

But until then I will be busying myself with what I have labeled my "DIY Christmas". Money is tight but time is not, so get ready fams for some crafty shit this year because it's the thought that counts. The BF's mum wants to teach me how to knit so maybe one of these fetching face beanies will be the order of the day, god knows I have fugly days when I'd like one of these things hanging around.

So stay tuned, I'll be posting some of the results here.


Big Dub said...

NEVER tell Centrelink you have a defacto!!

And if you're studying part time and working a shitty casual job just so you can one day pursue a REAL career instead of working retail forever and they ask you if you're prepared to GIVE UP STUDYING for a job - say YES! (Don't worry, they'll never find you a job)

And when it comes time to send in your job diary tell them you already have. You received a letter telling you to send it a couple weeks ago - they must've stuffed up.

Hayley said...

Or maybe just do as the junkies do...

Rock up to the counter and politely ask them "Where's my fuckin money, cunts!!! FUUUUUUUUUCK!"