Thursday, 18 December 2008

One more can't stop, ah! we can't stop, ah! We gonna celebratttteee

Okay that title went for way too long.
Just a reminder that the Acclaim partay is tomorrow night. I'm drinkin green tea and stayin in today because I feel a hayley like disease taking over my body, nooooo. I'll be right. Might have to ditch the Illusive party tonight but. Anyway come come come on Friday, even if it's raining. We'll just make a sandbag bunker in heist and slowly get through our 600 beers alone. Yes that's right, LITERALLY 600 beers. And yes I did have to use my calculator function in Dashboard to work that out.


shadow said...

594 beers....sorry.

Community College said...

damn you shadow! damn you to goddamn hell! You are caine right???

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

i wanted to make my debut to this party...lmao at debut like im sum fucken celebrity...let me have my moment ok im from perth BUT we have just moved into our new house... have nothing to sleep on... and dont have enuff money to get our hair did so... no debut tonight!! oh but have fun with the 594 beers left to drown yaselves with... lucky punks

merry xmas!!!