Sunday, 28 October 2007

Favela Rock 18 (Melbourne)

Birthday celebrations all 'round for Favela Rock 18. I had a stupidly late night thanks to daylight saving kicking in. Just one question - who were all those people? Still, it was a good night.

There was a cameo appearance from the first Mayoress tee. Still a while before you can get your hands on one, but they're coming... these cats will keep you posted. Bitches, get ready.

Chicken Dance

Her excellence

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

What's News?

The Hayley Mei collaboration details will be released next week!

The summer collection is almost done, as well as a nice surprise from the Mayoress crew. Anyone heading to Favela Rock in Melbourne this weekend could get a sneak preview.

The Vancouver launch of Hayley Mei is set for late November. Stay tuned Canada.

Don't forget:

Frankie does HM

Frankie has just made my day.

The current issue not only contains Hayley Mei but if you buy a copy in Melbourne, you get a glorius cupcake too.

Stop, collaborate and listen. Ice is Back...

Who's responsible for THIS?

My favourite Vanilla Ice moment (apart from Suge hanging him over a balcony): Vanilla Vs Todd Bridges. See what Willis was talking about.

Claw $ Vandals

I've always had a fascination with peacock feathers. They are even better with little claws on them and in the form of a Nike Vandal.

Buy from when they drop.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

We Came To Party

We were MTV-lebrities on Friday night (thank you, Sanch!). After a tough week, the lure of drinks at a ritzy venue was inviting, more so than the promise of Bam, Tosh, and previews of the new shows that I will never get to see. There were lots of glam dresses and super hair do's, a hilarious VIP section and girls in 'I love Bam' tees serving prawn cocktails.

I could complain about the glams, which is opposed to my kind of classy - a crew dressed in fresh tees who can relax and have a good time without fixing their hair and looking sideways to see who's watching, each to their own, but, "Fuck you" to the 'ladies' who had their bitch-face on because I wasn't wearing a dress, at least I can still walk in my shoes after a couple of drinks.

Thank you MTV, for the quality drinks and having MAFIA rock the party. Pity it had to end at 9pm, I was just getting started.

Jump to Red Hot for pics.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

I spy....Hayley Mei

You don't have to share with boys...

(Pic credits Sneaker Freaker and MAFIA)

Read the full article here. Support the ladies!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Jehst - Melbourne

Jehst finally made it to Melbourne. Is it just me, or is 1.40am a pretty late set time? The show started on Friday and Jehst didn't hit the stage until Saturday. Note to promoters: Probably no need for a million support acts.

My camera is still broken (there will be no fixing it, fingers crossed we'll have a new one by Favela Rock), pics were taken while we were waiting for the show to start. Soph got a killer pic at the end of the night too. Check Red Hot.

No pics of the show, sorry. Sanch and I were busy up the back looking tough.



Considering the wait, Mayorettes were well behaved

Addict triplets

No-one can co-ordinate like this lady

Where's the cheese?

Best food at the moment - Cheese balls.

Pretend they are good for you.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Happy Birthday

A happy 2nd birthday to Favela Rock. It's gonna be a big one!

Saturday, 6 October 2007

HM launch - Vancouver

While I'm busy getting the summer collection sorted, Miss Sopho is organising the Vancouver launch of Hayley Mei. Stay tuned for details.

Friday, 5 October 2007

You Like My Style?

Thanks to the lovely Miss Jen from Style43! These guys have their ears tuned in to some good UK sounds, their feet on the best pedals and thier eyes on something shiny...HM.

Check the story here.