Friday, 31 October 2008

Tonight - Melbourne

It's party time, excellent!

Celebrate with CC and the Acclaim crew at Heist:

Peak St Exhibition at Per Square Metre:

Support! Support Support!

Alas, I can't partake in any of the free booze as I still have the sickness. But I'll see you all at both parties for air kisses.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Ms Karen Jane

Have you ever noticed that I'm always wearing my NBFG x Addict hood? No, it's not because it's all I've got, I just can't bring myself to take it off. I think I'm going to marry it...

Super-talented LDNer Karen Jane first grabbed my attention a couple of years back with her 'Didn't She Do Well' tees. I have to admit though, it was Mexi who showed me the light - coming across her website via some work that she'd done for Suspect Packages. Not only does KJ earn points for being an exceptional graphic artist, she gets multiple A+ grades for being super nice too.

The lady behind Not Bad For a Girl recently made Addict clothing double the fun by being the first female to collaborate with the brand...and if you didn't see her strawberry New Era - shame on you!

Not content with just slapping stuff onto tshirts (that's right everyone, no lazy designs here), she took last season off to deliver us some even more super quality gear...the latest range has started dropping and it's just fantastic. I'd advise grabbing whatever you can before it's all gone. Plus you'll need to know that the shirts and hoods are not just awesome, but they're great cuts too.

A quick Q and A with KJ:

What have you been doing lately?
Same as ever, workin my little ass off! It takes up most of my waking hours and some of my sleeping ones. There's just too many things that I want to do, and a lot of projects in the pipeline. Plus trying to juggle more than one job, and keep the man happy too. Always stuff to do you know?

Do you have any secret skills?
Erm, not sure. Maybe. I did some baking the other day and that came out good. It's not my thing usually you see. Maybe I am actually destined for a life of domestic bliss and all this work lark is like some kind of bad career move?

Favourite drink? We're talking booze here
Well, there's not actually much that I don't like apart from Southern Comfort which still makes me shudder as I got seriously sick on that when I was younger, bleaugh, that shit aint nice! But seriously I'm not a big drinker but if I am going to do damage it's going to be with gin or rum and it's gonna hurt.

Can't leave home without:
Keys, money, phone. That's the checklist. I don't smoke anymore but when I did it that was on there too. I also have my 'to do' book on me at all times, it makes me feel like I am getting stuff done even if I'm not. Also, recently there have been so many muggings around my way that I carry an old plastic bag inside my nice bag and swop it over when I'm coming home, that way it's less likely that someone's gonna jump me for it.

Signature lose your shit track/s:
Argh! Questions like this are almost impossible if you like music!? I like anything from disco rap, old electro classics, golden era and nineties hip hop, even some classic swing and old school r&b, eighties soul, rare groove even some jazz, so see my dilema with this question?

Shout outs to:
All the good ones.

Any last words:
Vote NBFG!

Pay close attention everyone. Jump to:
Not Bad For A Girl
Karen Jane

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Fake Tan Campaign

I'm a Tighty Whitey Irish Skinned Blonde. Last Favela:

This Favela, One Month On, No Sun Later, Thanks to Lancome I don't have to be.

Seriously, if you can afford the $50 Price Tag grab a tube of Flash Bronzer Leg Gel. It makes you go BROWN! And not rank Orange. Or if you are Poor Dove Gradual Moisturiser for Normal to Dark Skin is the Bargain Buy of the Century.

Now I'm off to a real beach with real sun to try and get a real tan.

So in the true spirit of the Mayorettes right now, I am similarly tired, cranky, proscrastinating, hating, drinking too much and generally being at odds with the universe. Luckily for me I am about to go on a tropical holiday, which for many reasons I don't want to be going on but on the advice of my good friends I'm going to try and stay positive, lie in the sun, swim in the pool, eat at Soul n Pepper, go fishing, eat Prawns and try not to wake up every morning and get wasted at the Court House Hotel. Maybe even swap White Wine and Temazepam for Yoga and the Gym, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So I'm trading Melbourne, which whether it is or not feels to me like a rainy hell hole lately, for the Sunny skies of Port Douglas, somewhere very special to my heart. I have already checked in Thanks to technological advances that have to be bad for Homeland Security and come this time tomorrow I will be unloading myself at Cairns airport to the smell of the Rainforest and the sight of the Coast.

Bon Voyage.

Sleep is the Cousin of Death - Melbourne

This Friday

To celebrate the launch of their new website, Peak Street Magazine, in partnership with Adidas Originals, proudly present the “Sleep is the Cousin of Death” exhibition. This group show at Per Square Metre features work by some of Australia’s most infamous graf writers, illustrators, designers & other assorted art delinquents.

The theme of the show is inspired by the classic Nas Illmatic-era lyric ‘Sleep is the Cousin of Death’ and the canvasses that each artist has to work with are two old vinyl LP’s.

See you there!

Monday, 27 October 2008

me so tired

not sure why i'm posting exactly besides the fact i wanna put up this photo awwwww.
Anyone else suffering from sleep depravation. I have such an insane week this week that i wanna run away and sleep in a cave for a month and hopefully everything will blow over. Maybe I'll adopt a cute baby bear in the cave while i'm there. Or bats. But I don't like bats, I had a dream bout bats the other day and it was gross and weird and they were all dying and I had to feed them apple juice (?) with a babys bottle. Today I found two dead baby birds out the front of my apartment. Gross and sad. Baby birds are ugly but it's still sad. I think a dumb cat got them, stupid cats.
I wanna go back to the beach :(

Happy Sanch Day!

Everybody celebrate!

Blah blah blah / roll with the punches / rant and a half / wah, double wah / it could be worse /Hayley is a whinger

I haven't really written a decent post for a long time (not to say that this one will turn out to be a good one ha).

Shit is hectic and I'm currently at war with little fella called pneumonia and I just can't kick it. No thanks to Dr Jerk who sent me on my merry way armed with useless antibiotics over the past few months because I 'had a virus'. Thank F for my real doctor who actually diagnosed me last week.

I'm working my ass off but everything just goes in slow motion. Trying to keep everyone happy ain't easy, plus being nice all the time when you're trying to run a business just doesn't work out. Sometimes I forget that not everything turns out the way you want it and if you want something done properly... you know the rest. I'm in the middle of a huge learning experience at the moment - which is awesome but it is requiring me to step up my game massively which is kinda tough when hosting the above, but I'm doing it.

So I've just gotta say sorry to everyone - I've been a bit vague, maybe seemingly disinterested, pre-occupied, distracted, annoyed, slow on returning txt, phone calls and emails. I'm working on all this though so if you haven't heard from me, I'll get there.

It's all about balance though. What's made me happy lately?

Chocolate cake for Monday morning breakfast
Melbourne crew (allll of you)
The Saturday night Kazoo 'band'

PS: I miss you punks (and co)

Funnily enough, all of the shit makes me want to work harder.

Monday Music

Ready Or Not - Fugees

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Thank you!

Massive thanks to the following people for the HM promo shoot on Saturday

Sophie D
Zac at Caz Reitops

From taking photo's to lugging my crap all over town - couldn't have done it without you

Favela Rock

Happy Birthday Fav!

Funny, drinking is meant to make you a bit clumsy and wobbly, but apparently it makes me an awesome dancer and photographer, hence the lack of photos from this stone cold sober Mayorette.

Huge thanks to Miss C for spotting me raspberry lemonade shots and mocktails - hooray! Best suggestion ever.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Happy Birthday Favela Rock

Favela Rock has been my longest relationship. Seriously. Checking back through the thousands of photos taken between Loop, Laundry and Miss Libertines over the past three years,there have been some crazy nights, often ending in tears at Hungry Jacks, fighting about Chicken Nuggets, sometimes being carried around the City as I could no longer walk in my high heels. Pretty much always waking up the next morning going What the Fuck, checking the Camera, laughing my arse off and then going back to sleep, only to wake to a nasty nasty nasty hangover.

Some Highlights Include;

Mexi and Jmery getting banned from Jager Bombs after consistently turning evil and abusing their girlfriends.

Migglet inventing the Swerve.

I pulled out someones hair in the middle of the crowded dance floor, music stopped, lights on.

I vaguely remember being kicked out one time for throwing an entire drink, including glass, at someone, then basically blubbering to Mafia how much I wanted to get back in. Then No Name Nathan let off a Fire Extinguisher and I ran in whilst Security were distracted. I don't think I got to stay all that long but these things happen.

Jamie and AJ finding the grossest girls in the place and taking it upon themselves to make out with them, in the middle of the dancefloor and Hayley getting a lot of pictures.

Numerous photos of Boobs, mine and many others. Numerous emails to people asking them to remove boobs, mine and others, from their website.

Anyway Happy Birthday to the Opulent Crew! Three years in Clubland is a really long time and has given me many of the greatest nights of my life with some of the best friends I have ever had. Hopefully Saturday will be all that and then some.

Favela Rock 5 - Gold Coin Donation, Free Mixtapes,

Favela Rock 6 - Strorbz had just moved to Melbourne. He'd come out with us, get wasted and then disappear. He still does.

Favela Rock 8 - Laundry. One of the first times Jmery and I went home together. I wouldn't usually talk about stuff like that on the Internet but its funny because I passed out and started snoring the whole way home in a cab.

Favela Rock 9 - Tobey and I drank a bottle of Vodka before we left the house. Clarky got caught bombing the toilets, we met Jamie the amazing bartender. I remember little to nothing else.

Favela Rock 10, Strorbz had just met Lisa, Sanch had just met Jamie. It was love at first sight all around. Except for my fringe, that was rank.

Favela Rock 11 - Mexi and Hayley's first time! Best night ever.

Favela Rock 12

Favela 13!

14. Short Shorts and High Heels. Literally carried out of the Venue. Li Lo style. First time we met Andy! Not the first time Jamie made out with a Yak.

15. Barely any photos. Probably because I was too busy having my leg licked by Hayley.

Sweet 16 Onwards. I am out of Memories and Typing Abilities!