Tuesday, 28 October 2008

So in the true spirit of the Mayorettes right now, I am similarly tired, cranky, proscrastinating, hating, drinking too much and generally being at odds with the universe. Luckily for me I am about to go on a tropical holiday, which for many reasons I don't want to be going on but on the advice of my good friends I'm going to try and stay positive, lie in the sun, swim in the pool, eat at Soul n Pepper, go fishing, eat Prawns and try not to wake up every morning and get wasted at the Court House Hotel. Maybe even swap White Wine and Temazepam for Yoga and the Gym, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So I'm trading Melbourne, which whether it is or not feels to me like a rainy hell hole lately, for the Sunny skies of Port Douglas, somewhere very special to my heart. I have already checked in Thanks to technological advances that have to be bad for Homeland Security and come this time tomorrow I will be unloading myself at Cairns airport to the smell of the Rainforest and the sight of the Coast.

Bon Voyage.

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Miglet said...

SOOOO jealous.

Hope you have a lovely time, honey!