Thursday, 2 October 2008


Speaking of Summer Jellies and Thongs are making a massive comeback for Summer and what better a pair to have on your feet than these Yves Saint Laurent Biarritz Heart Thongs, they retail in the states for $195 a pair but I'm sure I could find them somewhere online on sale.

But if we are talking YSL what I really want is a pair of Tribute Shoes, in every colour possible, but if I had to pick one colour (at $760 a pair) it would have to be these. Black would be more practical but I bought an 'interpretation' of these in Black from Zomp on the weekend. Not quite as good but pretty much exactly the same construction wise, just roughly $600 less in Price tag.

Also spotted in Vogue, next to the Biarritz Hearts, was a few variations of Chanel Glitter Jellies with Camelia fastenings. They are a little scary and a bit too cutesy for me, I think they'd be totally appropriate if Victoria Beckham had a daughter.

I am absolutely loving these Cream Marc Jacobs Jellies that I picked up from Net-A-Porter for an absolute steal, so much so I'm going to grab a pair of the Black as well for the upcoming Summer.

A little wedge heel makes a possibly unflattering Flat piece of Plastic much easier on the legs and the gold Ankle Buckle detail make them a little more interesting. At $50 you can't really go wrong.

I also have my eye on these more colourful numbers, also by Marc Jacobs but still a little expensive at the moment, $160 US, wait for Sale time for those. They also come in a beautiful Coral but I'm not made of money, yet.

With the Sun Shining like it is today it's not hard to imagine rocking all these and more to the beach. Only 27 Days till Port Douglas, I hear they have a Chanel boutique now. What a Holiday it will be.

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