Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I'm not blessed with Mediterranean Melanin, I am very much a product of my very white Irish Bloodline. I fight if I drink too much, I burn like a British Tourist in St Kilda if I go out in the Sun without Sunscreen and I am pretty partial to most forms of Potatoes.

However I can still man a Tube of LancĂ´me Flash Bronzer like I was Paris Hilton's assistant. And after working in Costmetics earlier in my life I am very much aware of matching your face to your skin, and whilst Megan Fox is very very hot she clearly has the money, people and resources to be doing this but has decided White Face Orange Body is the way to get the boys.

I'm sure that was the first thing the boys noticed anyway.


Community College said...

haha yeah you're right, her face is way whiter than her body. Boys wouldn't care if she didn't even have a head...aside from the fact it would mean she couldn't give them head. I hate dudes sometimes.

Hayley said...

It's like some kind of living photoshop disaster.