Wednesday, 1 October 2008

i c u lookin at me and i can tell by yo eyes that you feelin me

I am putting an end to the indie posts. It's Summer time bitches which means 3 things and 3 things only...RRRRRRR...NNNNNNN.....BBBBBBBBBB. Woot. I wanted to post 'Where Da Party at' probably like the greatest song ever other than Mariah Carey's Fantasy but that shit was embedding disable, fuck you Jagged Edge! You should be stoked anyone even wants to post your music these days. Sheesh. So I had to go with 112. Damnit, I'm making a mix tape and posting it soon.

Remember Peaches and Cream, that track by them as well? My friend in highschool lost her virginity to that song to her cheezoid boyfriend. So hilarious. He booked a hotel and everything and there was like icecream involved. He was really into his rnb too. lol.


Anonymous said...

wha? something about a choc top?
grown men in matching outfits?
Gay chidren's music. (for Homo's)
nah, each to their own.


I Miss Cigarettes... said...


haha.. im the biggest r&b throwback bitch there ever was. i love all that corny/matching outfits/dancemoves/licking lips shit

haha i wish i lost my virginity to some peaches n cream

i think i lost mine to the sound of trains going over tracks and crickets n shit
then again, i cant even remember

omylawd, dont judge me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god- that just made me so hawny!!

luv Jessie