Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I Wish I Lived Alife

A Lifetsyle Like No Other certainly has fast become a Brand Like No Other. Seriously it could have been so unbelievably easy for them to do a Nike Blazer and call it a day but they really push the boundaries of what Streetwear can be, what other industries it can get involved with and just what it can achieve.

Case in point their upcoming collaboration with Clark Magazine, complete with Handmade Plate, Plate Tee and Magazine, retailed exclusively at wonder boutique Collette. If you are lucky enough to be walking down Rue St Honore you can check out their current Alife display or head to the Launch Event Thursday October 9th.

For those not lucky enough to be wandering around the Seine (Me) with a few Hundred spare Euro's (Not Me) you can grab the pack from the Clark Mag website on Friday/ October 10th.

ALIFE and French magazine CLARK have come together to produce a limited edition pack to be released exclusively at ALIFE at Colette this Thursday, October 9th and on CLARK Magazine’s website,, this Friday/Vendredi, October 10th.

Celebrating the release of CLARK Magazine's issue #32 for which ALIFE deisgned the cover, the ALIFE for Clark pack includes: the ALIFE X CLARK X NON SANS RAISON hand-numbered Limoges porcelain plate; the ALIFE X CLARK X NON SANS RAISON T-shirt; and CLARK magazine issue #32.

The plate, made out of real Limoges porcelain especially for ALIFE and CLARK, is made “the American way” at 27cm in diameter and represents the partnership with an original collectible product that has a wonderfully French savoir-faire.

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