Monday, 6 October 2008


Weekend Lookout. Is it time for a BBQ yet? I don't care if its 28 Degrees on Sunday, I AM NOT GOING TO SECTION 8. It has become increasingly obvious I cannot have one drink on a Sunny Sunday afternoon. And this thing called Work might start getting suspicious for showing up at 1pm today and not coming at all for the two Mondays previous.

But 25 on Saturday calls for Action! I am surprised that I am this amped about drinking again after last night but I AM!

Mex can you guys get a Sunny Saturday afternoon residency somewhere sweet? Or should we all do something amazingly fun on Saturday? I vote yes. Suggestions welcome.

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Community College said...

woot woot! yeah i'm so up for the weekend too man. bring it on. i feel ya on doing shit on saturday tho. why is it the fun shit is always on a school nite, i'm dodge too man last sunday was parklife and i was pretty shady on monday for that also. wheres all the fun shit on a friday and saturday huh?