Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Broken Record...

Okay I know all I do is harp on about Summer, but holy shit it's officially October already motherfucker, can it be warm! Shit bitch.
Anyway all I can do right now is look at Summer fashion popping up and hope that one day I can actually ditch the cardigan one of these days. Noone does summer stylez quite like Tigerlily. Okay so I've heard the creator of the label Jodhi Meares is a scientologist, which is seriously a big turn off but fuck man the new range is so purdy, I want it all. There new website launched recently so peep it here

My picks are these:


Fringe! Love it, Coral! love it.

Mexican vibe, I love embroidery. I'm a bit mexican embroidery obsessed, I own numerous shit like this but I love it man.

Fuck yeah more mexican shit. I'm so buying this. I'll donate to Xenu afterwards or something to even out my hatred for the tom cruisoids.

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