Tuesday, 14 October 2008

That Girl From Mayoress

Is that CC from Mayoress?

Spooney is surely not the only one to be curious. The girls from Around the Way have shouted out little Alex (kinda) in a new post about Princess of the Posse's Fall 2008 Collection.

PS...Check out Aussey Magazine Acclaim Mag issue #14 features the Lil Kim Tee from their Spring '08 Collection. Congrats!

Yay for Alex.

They also have some flicks of new Cubannie Links stuff on Karmaloop, which are pretty woven Leather Triangular Hoops and cute Chain and Leather bracelets. Use the Around The Way Girls discount code: Gurls for 15% off!


Community College said...

yay! I'm famous, send free shit now, yes I'm speaking to you Hello Kitty!

Hayley said...

Maybe we need to change your name to "That girl"