Thursday, 23 October 2008

What the Fuck!

The Kings of Leon are playing Falls Festival>!>!*@&#(*&

Why didn't I know this.

I am going to throw the biggest shitfit of the century if;

a) I don't get tickets to the sold out Festival complete with deluxe Camping equipment and Driver to bring me back from Lorne NYD to go to Public Enemy

b) They don't do a sideshow and I don't get to see them

c) Anything that involves them being in Australia and me not seeing them.

Falls, for once in my life, is looking like it has to be done. Santogold is also playing alongside Sharon Jones, the Dap Kings, A-Trak, The Kooks, Murs and Atmosphere and Brother Ali. Where and when the fuck else will I ever see the Kings of Leon and Santogold and Public Enemy in 24 hours?

ALEX you little industry Nymph, get onto it!


Hayley said...

Can we also organise Luke Pritchard from the Kooks to sing some songs just for me?

I just found out not long ago that they toured and I bloody missed it.

I need a sideshow fund.

Hayley said...

I think Kings sideshow may be sold out already? I could be completely wrong though.

Community College said...

I have no power. festival peeps that aren't dance related are tight cunts. :(