Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sleep is the Cousin of Death - Melbourne

This Friday

To celebrate the launch of their new website, Peak Street Magazine, in partnership with Adidas Originals, proudly present the “Sleep is the Cousin of Death” exhibition. This group show at Per Square Metre features work by some of Australia’s most infamous graf writers, illustrators, designers & other assorted art delinquents.

The theme of the show is inspired by the classic Nas Illmatic-era lyric ‘Sleep is the Cousin of Death’ and the canvasses that each artist has to work with are two old vinyl LP’s.

See you there!


Community College said...

free agwa shots to whoever ditches this for the ACCLAIM launch. 6.30 @ Heist. you know you want to

Anonymous said...

C'mon CC - keep it gully! It's all about the free Carlton Draught!

(Oh yeah and Sharpies and back issues and Scribe Outlined gear and Ivens and....)

Community College said...

hahaha we got free Miller Draft too! and...and....ME! *cough AGWA *cough