Wednesday, 1 October 2008

When good faces go...white

Looking at Soph's post I remembered a haunting image I saw while watching True Hollywood Stories one night (love dat shit). It was bout the Desperate Housewives bitches and went for like 3 hours given there were so many of them, anyway Eva Longoria who I kinda love coz she's little, latina and has no boobs and wears inappropriate short shit all the time, was on it. She used to be mega cheezy, pagaent girl and on day time tv and a cheerleader back in the day. Behold....

Hahaha, what the fuck girl??? I think she lived in Texas or some shit so they probably didn't have foundation in any other colour but fat-whitey but shit bitch. She looks like the joker. Maybe one of the other cheerleaders did her makeup and sabotaged her on purpose. I've seen enough cheerleader movies to know that is totally viable.

Props to you now though girl you are truly a caliente mama-chita!

So purdy!

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