Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Getting to know you: Sopho

This Mayorette looks after Hayley Mei and Mayoress biz in Canada, I met her years ago and she saved my ass (numerous times), put me up at her haunted house and let me move into her Melbourne pad when I came back from living in Canada which I'm eternally grateful for. We bonded over trips to KFC, big nights out and photo shoots in the bathroom.

She is one of the most amazing ladies that I know... and holy crap, does she know food and drink.  Meet the hottest lil Mayorette in Vancouver - Sopho!

Tell us about yourself:
My name is Sopho, I live in Vancouver Canada although I am born and bred Australian. A little Aussie girl met a Canuck boy and now I am a landed immigrant! I like my friends, I like hip hop, I like booze.

What have you been doing lately?
Summer time Vancity - roof top barbies, bocce in the park, houseboating, swimming, beach parties, DJ's in the park, wakeboarding, gymnastics, jet skiing. 

It has been a crazy year, we spent three weeks in France driving around drinking loads of champagne and all the chocolate crossiants they had. After that was the epic wedding of Melissa and Ron in Ottawa at which I was a bridesmaid, my duties included a once in a lifetime staggette (as in never again) in Vegas with 7 girls earlier this year. Now am working on some secret projects with my boy Josh, my girls Anna and Nico and Mr Brand.

Do you have any secret skills?
Hmmm.....secret skills. You tell me.

OK, secret skill #1 - climbing over the top of the Southbank Footbridge - H

Favourite drink? We're talking booze here
Now this is hard-- A Hendricks Martini with cucumber always goes down well, or a Pisco sour or a Margarita. I never say no to bubbles either, or beer. Oh and early morning is all about Caesars (like a Bloody Mary but with Clamato juice). Spicy.

Mayoress cocktail - what's in it?
Bourbon (Makers Mark)
Blueberry Juice,
Lemon Juice,
Violette Liqueur
Vanilla syrup
Served up with edible flowers to garnish or whatever the fuck you want

Favourite drunk food?
Gotta say I am a fan of those noodle bowls - just add hot water - (sad) otherwise World Wrap place around the corner -- mexican chicken kebab. They are open till 4am so it is really the only choice besides dirty, dirty crack pizza. Ohh and Chef Boyardee mini ravioli. Mmmmm.

Can't leave home without:
my keys and phone. Although I do leave without them all the time.

Signature lose your shit track/s:
all the obvious ones -
  • Get By - Talib Kwali
  • Runnin' - The Pharcyde
  • Callin' Out - Lyrics Born
  • All Good? - De La Soul (especially the string remix)
  • plus am in love with the new kery james cd I picked up in france. especially track 8. Encore feat. Chauncey Black.
  • Sunday Morning - K-os
  • RE:DEFinition - Black Star
  • It Takes a Seven Nation Army to Hold us back - Apathy feat. Emilio Lopez.
  • Work - Gang Starr
  • Baby Got back - Sir Mix a Lot.
  • Karma - The Last Emperor
  • Nobody's baby - Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
  • A Bay Bay - Hurricane Chris
  • Hello Buddy feat. Keak Da Sneak & San Quinn
And everything on all of Rheks mixed tapes.

Shout outs to:
All my girls in Melbournetown. All my boys in Sydney and my family in Canberra.

Any last words:
Miss youse.

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