Monday, 13 October 2008

Your Mama's So Fat



The Pharycde, the whole fucking original lineup Pharcyde, have just been Added to the Good Vibrations lineup.

As usual I would have had no idea if it wasn't for Sanch.

I am officially losing my shit. Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde is one of the most epic LP's ever. I have managed to miss them twice in London (Sold Out shows at the Jazz Cafe) and didn't make it to see them at Rock the Bells this year as no one would dare me to go to New York again! Ahem SANCHEZ.

Tickets from Moshtix however I am hoping my favourite little Hello Kitty might be able to swing us something special? Either way I am stoked and going for sure.

I am actually also looking forward to Fatboy Slim as I think I will be super drunk and get really excited about hearing Love Island or Gangsta Trippin, they were like the sweeter poppier baby versions of the Electronic Love I had for the Prodigy.

I am also looking forward to Yelle, a little colourful French Girl that sings like this;

She reminds me of Hayley if she was French.

And (although probably not 'cool' to admit it) very much looking forward to Sam Sparrow, hopefully he brings Ronson in his suitcase and they perform together like they did at Glastonbury. Ditto Wale, they are on Allido records which is Ronson's label so hopefully he likes it so much in November, when he comes for Global Gathering and Proposes to me, that he comes back with them.

And finally I've never been much into the Roots but I'd love to see the Seed Live. So all in all it should be an OK day. As long as I get free tickets, VIP passes and smuggle in a Bottle of Finlandia in my short shorts. Bring on Festival Season, I am ready.

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