Monday, 20 October 2008


For the first time in a long time I am genuinely excited about the prospect of the weekend. Namely because it is two of my nearest and dearests Birthday celebrations but also because its going to be warm, I am going to wear a dress and I am going to rock it with my new Chanel Bag and Bally Wedges.

I have been playing this fun game called Gut My Wardrobe, Sell it on eBay and use the profits to buy beautiful designer goods I could otherwise not afford. So far its working out pretty well.

But back to the weekend, if you are into stalking the Mayorettes here is the ultimate guide;

Thursday Night Rye Rye is playing Miss Libertines, pictured here straddling M.I.A but most importantly rocking the Claw top I had the good sense to purchase during her sale.

Friday Night - $2 Scratchies at Section 8, Friday night Section 8 Nights are fun. Sometimes Kristy comes out and lights up our life, sometimes Jessie does too. It's a random melting pot of people that don't want to go home after work on Friday and its going to be hot!

Saturday - Hayley Mei Photoshoot, going to be amazing, keep your eyes peeled! Followed by Lacey's Birthday Drinks at The Pier in Port Melbourne followed up with Favela Rock's 3rd Birthday!

Sunday - A Special Someone's Special Celebrations somewhere Special, if you see Sanch out and about this weekend make sure you buy him a beverage.

Maybe I should call in sick for Monday now.

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