Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I heart MGMT and have been giving Oracular Spectacular quite the iTunes workout of late. As I said in an earlier post I am so slow at getting onto 'hot' bands and it is only after stumbling onto this LP on someone else's iTunes in our building (we are networked so that we can connect to other users Music Libraries) that I have given it a real chance. And now people keep asking me why I am listening to the Kings of Leon and MGMT on repeat.

Anyway in the true spirit of being too late to catch on I have just realised they are playing Meredith and the only sideshow they are doing went on sale in August and is now thoroughly sold the fuck out. It got so much attention they had to move it to Festival Hall to fit everyone in. DEVO. So once again if anyone loves the Mayorettes and has the hookups Sponsorship is welcome.

In the meantime listen to Kids, dope track!

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