Thursday, 9 October 2008


Further proof that ACCLAIM is turning me into a dude (I seriously spend hours on the Complex website looking at the cover girl spreads haha. That Danity Kane bitch, my god, what a ho! I'll get onto that another time but) I have been fascinated with this pic for like the past 3 days. I jacked it off the Missbehave blog but did infact go to Kim's "official" blog to see what this madness was all about. This is Kim Karadashian at FUCKING FOURTEEN! What in the shiz!

In an effort to stamp out rumours that she's had plastic surgery ol' Kim posted this vintage pic (90s bikini and all) of herself at 14 to basically say "I know it's crazy but this shit be fo realz!!" Dirty old men must be having a field day over this shit. The lord clearly works in cruel and mysterious ways given a fourteen year old can have a rack like this an I, 10 YEARS LATER, am rocking a 10A (12A in Kayser, send gifts, just don't jizz in them beforehand or they shall be returned at your own expense). So yeah, I forgot what the point of this post yeah, like what the fuck, basically. Apparently Kim's had a c cup since she was eleven. That's gotta suck, no wonder she's all crazy in the head and allows herself to get pissed on by Ray Jay in that vid if she was sexualised that young. Makes my skin crawl hey.

Anyway on that note, back to work. haha.


I Miss Cigarettes... said...


i seen that pic a few days ago from a website i frequent and i was like DAYUM!!! 15years old?!?! SSSSSSSSSSHIT hahahahaahahha...

ive been a fan of kim k for awhile tho... shes stunning.. and i check chicks out like a dude anyways even tho im not a lesbian (honest) well ok maybe if kim wanted to be lesbian with me... id consider, i mean ive got to check my calander n shit...


but honestly, have you seen the ray j & kim k sextape???? i was highly disappointed by the bitch, typical pretty hot bitch, pretty pussy, fat ass and tittys, shes on that "i dont have to move for shit" type of steez.. and man, i was cut eh! i mean, fuck when u picture a chick like her gettin the bang.. u wanna see it BANGGGG!! but nah shes like just on her stomach most the time

however big ups to ray j for savaging that ass, he is a freak!! and daaaaaayum the black snake on that little nasty chocolate man!!! when it shouldve been kims moment, ray j stole the spotlight - so i think guys dont quite get into it as much cause its a lot of ray j.. but being a girl..altho admiring that kim ks fine ass... i do love cock...


ok im stoppin now!
btw, i need to get me my ACCLAIM!!!

Hayley said...

I imagined that's what my boobs would look like when I grew up. I was robbed! robbed!

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

HAHAHA aw hayley lol!!

which would u prefer....
big ass tittys and a ugly face?

or nice perky smallISH tittys and a purrrrrrdy face?!

lol!! i always say that to my friend whose on the little side boobie wise, cause shes hot as fuck, and has a dope body... im like fuck girl - id rather have ALL THAT then be a bitch with fat ass tits on that nobody wants to fuck.. u dont wanna be that type of chick?

lol!! but in saying that, when i see HOT HoT bitches, with hot bodies and FAT ASS TITS im like "Dayummmmmm biatch!!!" jealous muchly but then i ease that off by thinking shes probably crap in the sack... thanks KIM for confirming its possible for that to happen with you types!!! :P:P

Community College said...

haha i miss cigarettes you so funny. I agree tho, girls with smoking ass bodies prob do suck in bed coz they've never had to try. I read in cosmo once about sex postitions that make you look skinnier, oh my god! how pathetic, if bitch is worrying about how flat her tummy looks when she's boning she aint doing the job right! It also included info on how many calories are in semen, no shit! Girl if your consuming enough semen that's a valid calorie concern you need counselling or some shit!! hahah GROSS!

Hayley said...

It means I don't have dudes staring at my tits which is good. Also, no back pain, no bra dramas, no problems running (

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

Yeah hayley!!! I dont have huge tits but like, their saggy n shit.. so i need a bra when or (if i ever..haha) go running... but running, thats a nice concept? haha

And CC you so funny funny haha thats why i dont read cosmo anymore!!!! i havent bought one in so long, same ol shit - and reads like that.. AND WTF @ CALORIES IN JIZZ COUNT?!?!?! hilariousssss lol!!