Thursday, 2 October 2008


I hate saying things like 'Support Australian Hip Hop' because I only think you should 'support' something if you like it, not because of where or who it came from or what you owe to them. That is asslickingly ridiculous behaviour reserved for the Poxy. RAH! I'm in a happy hyper sunshine Thursday mood. Someone get me a drink.

With that said you should 'support' the Apollo Kids because Young Steezy is an amazing DJ and still not so up his own ass that he won't play Newport's premier Hip Hop night with Mexi. And if any of you know Edo you will know that he is probably the nicest DJ in Melbourne and a quiet achiever in the Scratching world.

And despite all that they play awesome music! Their Favela Rock sets are the shit and this mixtape is all that less the drunken fights and sticky floor. Get on here to get your Download on, if only to view the amazoid cover. Props

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