Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Favela Rock is turing THREE. Holy Shit where has the past three years of my life gone?

Migglet might remember the first time we stumbled to Favela, when it was still at Loop, reasonably tiny and ridiculously hyped! That was one of the best nights ever and I think it was only Favela Rock 3 or something. Gold Coin Donation!

This is making me feel old.

Anyway most importantly its Sanch's Birthday Weekend of Awesomeness, its the loveable Opulents and its time to get fucking PARTYING.

It may surprise you to find out I am actually in a pretty Devo mood. Does anyone have any sedatives?

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Miglet said...

Yes, yes, I do remember the first Favela Rock we stumbled upon. It was boozey and sweaty and ridiculously good fun!