Monday, 6 October 2008

Insa Insa Insa

The artist on everyone's lips at the moment has to be Insa. Lanie was way ahead of the game when she did a Denim Collaboration with him for Hellz Bellz back in April.

Since then he has hooked up with Ruth Shaw to do an exclusive run of High Heels, put on a few exhibitions and generally make his way onto millions of blogs for being awesome.

What has largely been ignored is his actual artworks, which is great as I want one and hopefully it will keep the price down. There is a really interesting interview with the man himself on Sneaky Freaky as well as a bunch of other updates from Claw Money and the new No Boys Allowed Female Kicks spot in the Netherlands. Check it out!

The only comment I will make on an all female concept is what is with the fucking cupcakes? Just because we are girls doesn't mean we eat cupcakes, I only eat cupcakes if I am depressively binge eating. STOP THE FUCKING CUPCAKES

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I Miss Cigarettes... said...

oooooooooooooooooh la la la
i cant believe i missed this post?!

insa insa

thanks for headsup!