Friday, 3 October 2008

Whyyyyyyyy? Rant.

I don't hate Converse shoes. I actually don't mind Chucks but shit, they are the most uncomfortable feet killers in the world. I have no idea how people can wear them day in day out. Maybe that's why some of them look so unhappy, their feet are slowly dying.

I used to rock One Stars when I was at school, I had a few pairs, the first being the standard black and white classics. My friends used to claim that I was 'trying to look like Todd from Overboard' but if they'd spent more time looking at the kicks he was wearing rather than trying to chat him up, they would know that Todd from Overboard did not rock One Stars, he was wearing the skate brand equivalent.

Little did they realise, that the reason I bought my first pair was because I wanted to look like Mariah in Dream Lover:

Turns out she was wearing Clydes, but hey.

I even wore a pair to my formal. Pink frosty ones (I really need to dig up those photo's - classic!) before I got smart and started hoarding every pair of Gazelle's I could get my feet into.

Anyway, Converse have now released these:

In the words of Soph D, "Uh oh, I think grunge is coming back." Now correct me if I'm wrong, but Kurt Cobain didn't even want to be famous and I'm sure if he was still alive, he probably wouldn't endorse these. Maybe Courtney needs a bit of coin but I think these are tacky as shit. I can't even bring myself to show you the other shoes in the range.

Does someone at Converse head office think generation Y have missed out on something big and this is their chance to pretend that they were a child of the 90's? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's just a tribute.

Now these are tragic, duct tape con's? Please! They shouldn't come ready made like this. What the hell is going on here?

I'm getting old. That must be it.

Now kids, it's not a fashion so put your hair straighteners and credit cards away, It's gone. It's 2008 now, just leave it.


Mr Bananas said...


those taped ones are unebelievably bad...surely the swaggest trainers i might have ever seen...anyone wearing them should be pushed under a tram...

chucks were banned at my school 'cos the sports teacher was just a wanker and everyone was wearing stupid coloured one's and he wanted everyone in standard white tennis shoes

Community College said...

Aside from the Weapons, converse are fucked, that duct tape number is an indicator. Those kurt cobain ones are truly offensive, it's like making some princess diana tribute heels (actually that could be cool). Converse got done in the states for making this mega tacky campaign with cobain on a cloud haha like an angel. i'll try and find it.
ppl that wear cons suck. yes you pharell, MIA and all you other sell-out douches.

Soph said...

I'm going to be Anti Grunge, which is essentially the essence of being Grunge. Non conformity. The only cool Grunge person right now is Alice Dellal, and only because she has sweet pins. Grunge is dead, just like Punk and the 70's. Its just sad we don't have a better legacy than 50 Cent.

Hayley said...

Please don't let it come back. It will be too painful to watch.

I bet it'll be less than 30 days before I see my first Curt Cobain 67 - 94 tee...and some chick rocking a Breeders shirt.

Hayley said...


Miglet said...

I wore chucks to my formal, too. Except my formal was a deb and the "ladies" who organised everything wanted to stab me. My mum thought I was rad.

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

Like all shoes, to trulyyyyyy be at one with them THEY NEED TO BE BROKEN IN!

All shoes i buy are fucken terible when i first wear em, except for airmaxs, something bout them bitches... u just put ur feet in em and they are so dreamy & comfy

But CHUCKS i agree are SHITE as fuck when u first wear them, however after a few wears, stumbles, and nights out eating kebabs and abusing taxi drivers with their lights off (which means their occupied,but when ur drunk do u really give a fuck?um NO) theyre the MOST COMFORTABLE THINGS EVER

Cause i got some bung ass feet...
and if my feet can enjoy them bitch ass chucks.. then any cool MF can... I love my chucks, i cant bare to throw them away even after 4years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha fuck i shud get a new pair, ah well.. i dont wear em as much but...neways

much love to chucks
just fuck those things at the bottom
wtf are those? eeeeeew.