Wednesday, 15 October 2008

And then...

As if Melbourne isn't lucky enough, we have another nice little sideshow:

Brother Ali, the bad man himself - Murs...oh, and Atmosphere, coming to the Corner, Thursday January 8.

Let's celebrate with a little Brother Ali, shall we?

(Thanks for the heads up Tim)

Sideshows, the only good thing about festivals in my opinion (but please send tickets to the other Mayorettes)


Timbo said...

What's B$ is I will be in the mofo air on pov Jetstar from shralping snow in JaPOW and am also missing Public Enemy and Soko. So I HOPE TO GOD that Mr Murs is playing another show. Please please please Murs.

I promise never to go chasing the dragon in Sake-shot land for NYE EVER AGAIN.

Thanks for the props
Tim |

Community College said...

are you serious??? rad. I'm so there. Man this summer be crazy and it hasn't even started. I'm gonna pull a soph and request "dark skinned white girls" from murs at the end of the show. fuckin love that song.

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

Makes me laugh when i think of brother ali... My friend gets cracked on to by dudes like Talib or some fine ass urban guy... And then i got cracked onto by an albino muslim rapper... got drunk enough to actually think it was hot... Thats the power of being a dope rapper...
but i never got it off with bro ali cause well, wtf-not cause hes albino,honestly but just cause im not that kind of girl (cough).. but i was mocked for a couple months by housemates & did brag bout it to my boyfriend... sad life i know

custards said...

i think i wet my panties.

i once had a dream that george clooney was pronouncing his undying love for brother ali... and then the world took it as word of god. and brother ali was hailed king of the world.

it could happen..

either way, thats dope!

Hayley said...

Excellent. It's party time then!