Friday, 3 October 2008

Suck on My Guitar Alex

I'm sorry for You Tubing again, I hate blogs that just post You Tube clips, mostly because I never care enough to watch them, no matter who posted them.

BUT this is the new New Kaiser's Video, produced by Mark 'I want to Marry Sophie' Ronson and Manchester producer Eliot James.

Its a pretty interesting clip, not quite sure I get it on this drizzly afternoon but I like how it could be quite Sinister had they have used Adults but it is easier to swollow knowing it is kids. It reminds me of Lord of the Flies in a way, however THAT novel scared the living shit out of me. Anyway its getting too close to drink time for adult conversation, the real question is do I behave, go do Family dinner, get an early night and hit 8.30 Pump Class before Uni tomorrow morning? Or do I go out and get sloshed? Help. In more ways than one.

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