Monday, 27 October 2008

Blah blah blah / roll with the punches / rant and a half / wah, double wah / it could be worse /Hayley is a whinger

I haven't really written a decent post for a long time (not to say that this one will turn out to be a good one ha).

Shit is hectic and I'm currently at war with little fella called pneumonia and I just can't kick it. No thanks to Dr Jerk who sent me on my merry way armed with useless antibiotics over the past few months because I 'had a virus'. Thank F for my real doctor who actually diagnosed me last week.

I'm working my ass off but everything just goes in slow motion. Trying to keep everyone happy ain't easy, plus being nice all the time when you're trying to run a business just doesn't work out. Sometimes I forget that not everything turns out the way you want it and if you want something done properly... you know the rest. I'm in the middle of a huge learning experience at the moment - which is awesome but it is requiring me to step up my game massively which is kinda tough when hosting the above, but I'm doing it.

So I've just gotta say sorry to everyone - I've been a bit vague, maybe seemingly disinterested, pre-occupied, distracted, annoyed, slow on returning txt, phone calls and emails. I'm working on all this though so if you haven't heard from me, I'll get there.

It's all about balance though. What's made me happy lately?

Chocolate cake for Monday morning breakfast
Melbourne crew (allll of you)
The Saturday night Kazoo 'band'

PS: I miss you punks (and co)

Funnily enough, all of the shit makes me want to work harder.


Community College said...

awww honey, i haven't even noticed you being vague. I'm like one of those asshole boyfriends that doesn't realise their girlfriends anorexic, haha. Hey i'm having mega tough times too so I feel ya. this is the week from hell already. but yeah lets think of happy things like the kazoo band. I don't care if we pissed off everyone at the napier, our rendition of parliament's "We like to funk" was awe inspiring. As was my solo of "Walking Away" by Craig David.
love you like i love puppies and hamburgers (alot)

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

youll be right lil vegemite!!!
soldier on!! xox

Hayley said...

It's all good. I'm just a Class A sook right now. Waaaaaahhhhhhh!