Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Only By The Night

I was a bit late getting onto the Kings of Leon, I am generally the last person to 'get' great bands, I only really discovered the Artic Monkey's late last year, same with the Stokes, Kaisers, Bloc Party, Arcade Fire annd every other Indie Band that's been thrashed on my iPod in the past few months. I only heard MGMT for the first time on Saturday. I think it actually works in my favour as they never get oversaturated for me, and after listening to Hip Hop and often only Hip Hop for such a long time it's a nice change.

Anyway the new Kings of Leon album is out, Only By the Night, you may have heard the lead single Sex on Fire as I believe its being thrashed on Nova and many other Commercial Radio stations around Australia, despite this its a great track. On recommendation by a Good Friend I checked out the Clip, as apparently I had to check out Caleb Followill writhing around being sexy on an Operating Table. I was not disapointed.

The band has their own You Tube page where you can catch most of their official videos, you can also watch weekly Behind the Scenes video's of the making of Only by the Night if you haven't got much to do today. They also prevent you from being able to post videos but if you would like to catch Caleb Followill doing his thing its all here.

If you haven't heard the Kings of Leon before I would seriously recommend starting with Aha Shake Heartbrake, namely tracks like Taper Jean Girl, The Bucket and Pistol of Fire - which Mark Ronson covered for last year's Version LP, and work your way through. And if you like them, pray with me they tour for this record. Amend to Caleb.


Anonymous said...

I saw them last year when the toured and played Festy hall. They young, arrogant, talented and super extra amazingly good live, best live band I've seen in a very long time. (check the bonus disc on Youth and Manhood, the white album whatevs it's called)
They seem destined to play vodabone or RL Arena next time round but it will still be good.

Community College said...

Y'all be trippin! guitars need to die!
I'm gonna post something mega cheezy rnb related to diffuse all this indie shiz! Jagged Edge anyone?

Hayley said...

Haha CC! The indie creeps out. I haven't even had my turn yet...

Hayley said...

Anon - I keep missing them, but caught them at BDO, hot, sweaty and hung over. Sideshows all the way. Wouldn't mind seeing them at the Forum, that place is an awesome venue.