Thursday, 23 October 2008

Beach times

There is an obvious lack of pics up on this blog at the mo, so I thought I'd pop some holiday snaps up for y'all. They're not particularly interesting or cool but it was some fun times and sooo sunny and is making me really resent being in Melbs right now so I want to relive the magic. I highly recommend getting away man, I've never taken a proper holiday really, well not while I've been working a proper job full time. Feels so fucking good. Though I'm back to being stressed to the shit all over again, waaaah when's xmas???

Wholesome family dinners at Paul's Ma and Pas

Ahhh so tasty

Picnics on the beach ahhhh

Seriously, how fucking amazing is this weather. Waaaah I wanna be back there noww

We went to a wedding while we were there. Check the dancefloor going buck wild!!

However, first wedding I've ever been to AND I CAUGHT THE FUCKING BOUQUET! I'm the shit, Paul is worried.

Old fish and chips shops STILL have videos on the coast, so good! So refreshing theres' still joints like this around.

sexy pinball mummas

Love this old school place!

Best photo ever.

Me trying to cover my gut!

I left paul with the camera for awhile and then looked at my camera later and it ended up with like ten photos just like this. apparently this is my best angle.

Ahhh so good, so fatty. I ate so much shit like this.

And lastly our home for the week. It was a full house so we got shafted with the combi but it was kinda a cool novelty (less cool trying to get into when stoned however)

So yeah, now you know why I'm kinda bummed to be home. Siggghhhh. Ah well. Bring on the weekend huh....

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