Monday, 30 June 2008

Sunday, 29 June 2008

The latest

Favela Rock

I'm not quite sure...but here are some photo's to help me remember...

Friday Night in Melbourne town

Dropped by the Wax Museum sale

And headed on over to Provider for the Black Beast launch - hooray! I got a beer!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

CC, A-Love, Jess and a sombrero

...and I was only meant to be out until 8pm.

No doubt there will be more flicks pre Fav Rock.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Streets is Talking

Ian Reid's Sex Hood Skate Videos were pretty dope, if you haven't seen them you could ask Jmery nicely to borrow them as he (lucky bastard with nice girlfriend) has both the Original and the Remix, done with the help of Acapulco Gold.

The boys will be happy to know he has just released a second flick, Streets is Talking, 'a collection of videos again showcasing the world from Ian’s perspective with lots of skateboarding, graffiti, and women. The cast includes Brian Wenning , Stevie Williams, Jamal smith, Tim Johnson, and some drunken hot girls.'

If its anywhere near as good as Sex Hood Skate it should be dope.

Wants of the Week

I am still very much stuck on Prada's New Look range as well as their Shirred Lambskin. My Wallet is also very stuck on the fact that they are priced circa $1700 even on Sale.

When shopping for Shoes the other day I stumbled (not very accidentally) into Loula on Toorak Road, which stocks Shoes and Bags by Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs and Roberto Cavalli to name a few.

Whilst knee deep in Givenchy Boots (40% off, still $600) I spotted these little numbers, part of Dolce & Gabbana's Summer 2008 collection, for a cool $1250. I tried them on, they didn't know I couldn't afford them, that's why you always take your Authentic Handbags shopping to Expensive Stores. It's like wearing a 'Legitemate Shopper' sign on your head and the snooty Shopgirls actually kiss your ass. Designer Sunnies on your head also help.

They are available on Raffaello Network for $539 which is a great price, if you have a spare $539 to spend on Sandals in Winter.

Other than that I haven't been lusting for too much lately, probably because I have been buying too much but a pair of High Waisted Cheap Mondays are always on the must have list.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Louis Vuitton x Murakami 2008

Louis Vuitton’s relationship with Takashi Murakami has always somewhat surprised me.

LV are one of the original French Luxury Goods houses, dating back to the 1830’s when Monsieur Louis Vuitton migrated (on foot) from his hometown of Jura, France to Paris, where he became Layetier to Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, Empress Eugenie de Montijo.

Over the years working with the French Aristocracy he developed expert knowledge in what made good travelling cases and began to design his own luggage, setting the foundations for the LV Co. soon to follow.

The company was founded in Paris in 1854 which Vuitton used to introduce his flat bottom trunks with Trianon Canvas (lightweight but still airtight). As the luggage at the time was generally round topped to allow water runoff it could not be stacked, however the new wave of LV trunks could, instantly becoming a success with the Aristocracy that could afford the Quality.

With success came its imitators as several other French luggage companies followed suit, to remain innovative LV changed the Grey Trianon Canvas to a Beige & Brown striped design which evolved to what is still used in 2008, Damier Canvas, in 1888. Monsiuer Vuitton added Marque L.Vuitton déposée, which roughly translates to L.Vuitton Trademark, which became the sign of the true LV Trunk or Bag. In this time Louis Vuitton opened its first store on Oxford Street, London and became known as the most prestigious maker of luggage in Europe.

In 1892 Louis Vuitton passed away in Paris and management of the company went to his son. Shortly after the Monogram design was patented by Georges Vuitton and the company began making smaller bags that could be stored inside luggage to carry small personal items. Georges dream was to take LV across the world and by 1914 they had opened the largest luxury goods store in the world on the Champs Elysee, Paris and stores in New York, Bombay, Alexandria, Washington and Buenos Aires.

It was in the late thirties that Georges applied the Monogram and Damier to all types of newly designed ‘handbags’ that arose from the need to carry Currency, Champagne Bottles and other needs of worldwide Aristocracy. Georges passed in 1936, leaving control of the company to his son Gasson-Louis who took his fathers initial small luggage industry to the next level.

Between the thirties and the sixties Louis Vuitton modified its Trunk Leathers so they became more Supple and could be used in more Applications and subsequently began appearing on all kinds of small and medium leathergoods previously not made by Malltiers. Audrey Hepburn wore an LV Bag in Charade in 1963, they were the first Luxury Goods presence in Tokyo and Asia in the 1980's and eventually appointed Marc Jacobs as Creative Director in 1998.

Marc not only brought Pret a Porter to the table but was the driving force between the Steven Sprouse and LV collaboration that produced 2001's Grafitti Bags. One of Louis Vuittons' first steps away from Minimal Luxury Luggage and were certainly at the forefront of the 'it' bags.

Then he teamed up with Takashi Murakami and blew the roof off even the tackiest of Expectations with the still popular Multicolore. Love it or hate it it put Louis Vutitton back on the map with Innovative Handbags.

From Multicolore, which was so successful it became part of the Flagship Range, he delivered Cherries & Cherry Blossoms. Last year he delivered the Love Series.

And today I have been exposed to his latest collection for Louis Vuitton and I'm not sold, which could be a good thing because I hated the Multicolore and it has gone on to sell millions.

I almost get the Tote Bag but I am not sure if the world is ready for Camoflage Leather? Is he using Jordan and Peter Andre as his inspiration. I have a lot of respect for his Artwork and his previous work in Fashion and Design but I really don't think I like this and feel its a little left of centre for what Louis Vuitton stands for historically.

That said Jacobs recent collaboration with Richard Prince may not be in the traditions of Louis Vuitton, but how would the brand survive without catering to Evolution as well as Tradition?

Same could be said by Karl Largerfeld for Coco Chanel or John Galliano for Christian Dior. After reading Chanel and Dior's biographies I often felt they would be turning in their graves if they could see their labels today. But that's a whole different post, probably shorter than this one, but I think its important if you are going to indulge in seemingly superficial things the least you can do is appreciate it for its origins and understand why you like it.

Being French and Quality is my general Caper so theres no surprises here.

Favela Rock - Melbourne

Always a fantastic night, even when we're badly behaved. I'm (almost) sars free so I'll be up for my first night out in ages.

Cheap drinks till 12 (then you're drunk so who cares how much they cost after that) so get in early.

Sound Clash - Melbourne

Every Thursday at F4, jump to it! Fun times, cheap drinks.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Baby loves hip hop (again)

So you know I go on and on about the Baby Loves Music series featuring music and books for kidlets by superstar musicians. Now we've got video of Dino 5 feat. Prince Paul, Charli 2na, Ladybug Mecca, Scratch and Wordsworth (Stories are narrated by Ursula Rucker).

Baby mumma's gotta get this!

Good news, the Baby Loves people are now working on Baby Loves Reggae.

Sneaker Freaker x Puma Black Beast Launch - Melbourne

Also between 6 and 8 - Mexi at Section 8. See you at both.

What's in a name?

Sophie is a girls name. The meaning of the name is 'wisdom' and its origin is from the French lands.

People who are called Sophie tend to try and be better than the last time, try their hardest. You usually see them with unique style and head banging or doing something rather strange and unique to the human eye as she doesn't like to blend in with the crowd. When she is drunk (on 1 can) she is either dry humping or being sick...Dang it! Anyway she says she won't do that in the future. Any lad or girl are lucky for having this gem
"She Is A Sophie, She Is So Cool And Unique"
"Oh! I Fancy Her!"

A really hot female, who is also very smart. Usually a slut, not always (Um?)
"That girl is hot"
Yeah and she's a Sophie, top of her class"
"Damn, she got the brains and the beauty!"

A generally smart and beautiful girl.
"Wow, sophie is clever and gorgeous! what a catch"

A universally well-recognized unisexual name.

Often derived used as a shortened name for names like (but not limited to): Alexandra, Alexander, Alexandria, Alexa, Alexandra the Queen, Alexander the Great.
"Hi! My name is Alexander the Great, but you can call me Alex"

Someone that is of extreme greatness. Often considered as a god in some religions. Also means cool.
"Guy: yeah she is sooo Alex!"

Stubborn, easily agitated, fiercly loyal, also very affectionate, desires attention, moody, loves being in relationships.

As if, or being related to any of the fence-jumping, tunnel-digging, frijol-eating people of Nogales.
"Hey look at that Alex coming out of the drug tunnel!"

To make a statement that in no way has any relevance to the current conversation.
Mr White: "Would this be better on an A1 sheet."
Mr Red: "Possibly. I'm not sure."
Mr Blue: "I had fish for tea last night."
Mr White: "Ah, you just pulled an Alex!"

A girls name, usually associated with a fairly small cute but hot girl. Is unique in her clothing style and is brilliant at the things she loves best whatever that may be. Loved by her friends and envied by her enemies.
Guy1: "Man that Hayley girl is cute"
Guy2: "I know, how hot does she wanna make herself?"

the act of dry humping an object whilst saying her friend's boyfriends name.
"Did you see that chick in P.E? She was totally doing a Hayley"

Any underage girl that is willing to give a guy a "favour"
"Will you give me a bj?"
"What do you take me for, some type of common Hayley?!"

A few chosen words from the Urban Dictionary.

Thanks to Conor (someone who has three of something) for wording us up on this one.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Decisions Decisions

Chanel or Tom Ford?

Tom Ford would be more fun, Chanel are more classic. I need your purchasing advice Girls.

Sale Time

I don't mind a Sale or too. Stussy on Sale is good news. Thank me and your wallet later.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Skate or....die?

That niggling half cold just got a little more niggling due in no small part to the fact that Aek, a mate I know through the mag, and team manager of the E's, Etnies, Emerica stables was in town for the Game of Skate gig and the boys were hungry for tallies.
Good jesus I drank alot of beer AND better still got the last train home, like by the skin of my balls! So fufilling to make that las train when the doors were closing.

The medal, some Element dude won I believe.

Hang on...maybe Paul won, ahhh I kill meeeeee!


bottoms up aek!


Moses, french skater....nuf said :)


no wonder our throats cane...

and he's gonna kill me if he ever finds this!

All's well that ends well