Thursday, 12 June 2008

Best Birthday Ever

Seriously. I have had the happiest Birthday Week ever. Mad presents, great Dinners, time with Family, beautiful Flowers from amazing Friends, the whole Kit and Caboodle (or is it kittencaboodle?) Anyway its not even over yet, as Jessie has advised MILK IT!

Tonight I am eating at Bistro Guillame which I am so excited about I am tempted to fast all day. However being a smart Mayorette and not an Anorexic Retard I know that doing that will actually impede my ability to eat tonight and slow down Metabolism effectively increasing my chances of getting Fat.

Read : Mayorettes are too smart for Eating Disorders.

Also Read : I am going to eat like its 1999.

Then tomorrow we're celebrating at Section 8 just for a change. I'll be the girl in the amazing dress (bought with love from an amazing boy) trying to contain my assets with Hollywood Tape. Join us after 8 if you dare.

Girls throw on some heels, its time to shelve the Max's for the night, lets make the boys jaws drop!

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