Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Minestrone Me

When I'm sick I like to cook. I like to cook pretty much any time or day of the week but when I'm sick I find it much easier to stomach than Oprah, Dr Phil and Days of Our Lives. It also beats hitting refresh on Facebook or trawling the internet, which in my case leads to excessive Credit Card debt and really nice shoes.

Minestrone really is food for the (sick) soul and possibly the easiest thing to make on the planet. You chop vegetables, put them in a pot, pour some stock and tomatoes over everything and leave it for a few hours. Then you get mad bread and dip it in and it makes you feel heaps better.

Is it too nerdy to post recipes on a blog? I know having a blog is reasonably nerdy but is that taking it one step too far?

I am lucky enough to have a Minestrone recipe handed down from my Grandmother, of which I cooked up a gigantic batch of yesterday, so if anyone is hungry most of you know where I live

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Hayley said...

As long as it's not cupcakes and could only lead to knitting patterns and vintage shopping advice.