Monday, 9 June 2008

Foreign Beggars - Melbourne

Definitely one of the best live gigs I've seen in a long time.  Just take my word that it was dope, energetic and more than I expected. 

It began at Section 8 like this:
Quarter - king of all burgers.

Then moved on to the Laundry where Makers Mark is $9.50 a pop. I don't even have credit for my phone - NINE DOLLARS FIFTY! The bar staff were lovely though, not their fault there is a stupid tax...and that glass is quite full.

Maggot on fiyahhhhh

Natso, Rhys

Hayls, Maf (queen of the sidedoor* I'm impressed ha ha!)

Soph D, Ch ch ch chenny pet

Dancing panda

Soph D, Maf

Jmery and Tobes' new friends


New Hayley Mei as shown by Miss Soph D



Miss Zanna

Mad shoe death - danger!

Merchandise photoshoot

Hayls, Miss C

I think I need to eat at this restaurant

Ahhh so dope. Funny to see the 2am lockout in action - even the booked act got kicked out onto the street like the rest of us. Laundry bouncers waved us out with "Get the fuck out, please come again." Nice.
Some video to follow...

* sidedoor - the act of disappearing from an event/party/gathering. It's an art, I'm not bad at it myself!

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Sanchez said...

"side door" is also known as 'the phantom'. you're right, it is an art.