Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Summer time fantasssyyyy

Okay so I think I'm finally on the mend, which may or may not change as of tomorrow night when I have about a million launch parties (well...two haha) to go to with free booze a-go-go. I must use every once of self control and stick by my 4 drink maximum as I have a load of meetings on Friday that will not doubt be extra torture town if hung over and sick.

But now I'm feeling I'm now moving on from my dream sars outfit fantasy summer outfit. I know Winter has barely started but how fuckin shit is it! Nobody looks good white except like...seal pups. And yeah I get it how ppl are all like "Yes, Alex but in winter you get to wear nice coats, and boots and little berets" which is all cool, IF YOU CAN AFFORD THOSE FUCKIN THINGS. I can't and thus I look pretty much shit in day out. Give me summer dresses, shorts, singlets and a TAN any day. Plus gold jewelry...lots of gold jewelry.

So welcome to my FANTASY SUMMER OUTFIT (thank you netaporter)

Okay first of all I will look like this chick. She has a name but I know her better as Sloan off Entourage and I am in love with her. She is so crazy beautiful and perfect. I just saw that Zohan movie (adam sandler ok, it was free, don't hate) and she's in it and well...I was captivated.

Next I want this Missoni bikini. I'm obsessed with Missoni which just so happen to have the most fuckin expensive bikinis in the world (just my luck). I'v been scouring ebay and this is all i can find, not bad but bit too big. As a girl with no boobs whatsoever with bikinis the smaller the better.

If I get cold I'm throwing on this Chloe mini dress, hotnesssssssssssssss. And if I don't feel like wearing that straight outta the pool I'm throwing on my....

MISSONI KAFTAN!......*diesssssss* when I have to walk to the bar for my next round of Singapore Slings I'm slingin into...

these babies, forgot what brand they are...but for secret squirrel for mayorettes: they tote have a rip off of these in the window of Kinki Gerlinki this week, i'm tappin that soon as pay goes through. And lastly, what's summer without tacky jewelry....

Yes it's Juicy again, I'm sorry! but come on it's a freakin tanning lotion bottle. Tanning is like my number one past time so this is sorta like how golfers where golf ball print socks...only way hotter.

Sorry for the uber long many sleeps til Summer?
xoxoxo cc

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